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Southeast Worldwide Manufacturers celebrates its 30th year of excellence in the Automotive Transmission Industry, as a leader of OEM Quality Aftermarket Products, manufacturing engine and transmission mounts, automotive flywheels, flexplates, stampings, torque struts, nylon gears, clamps, plastic components, grommets, cables, repair kits, power steering reservoirs and reservoir caps.

Southeast Products are certified through Manufacturing. Our affiliates in India, Israel, Colombia, Argentina and the U.S. are fully certified as to SRS Quality Standards and offer over 200 years of Combined Experience in Manufacturing...
Brand name recognition and Optimum Quality guarantee your decision to make Southeast Your One-Stop for OEM Quality.  
The Southeast Logo features Premium Quality Mounts, which equal or exceed OEM Specs with exacting automotive grade metals, torqued to P/F Specification fasteners, and the use of only natural or synthetic quality rubber compounds and bonding agents.

Southeast sells approximately 1450 different aftermarket mounts for both domestic and foreign applications, and our factory manufactures over 2000 part numbers. Development efforts target mount and strut products, which will be able to replace two, or more original equipment products. The Southeast 2000 Mount replaces nine existing GM mounts, used in approximately 85% of its rear wheel drive vehicles produced from 1954 to 1994. Foreign applications have been major additions to our product list, including over 300 new products developed since 1997, introducing part numbers through year 1996 vehicles.

Southeast also collaborates with OEM quality sources in the United States, manufacturing approximately 350 U.S. made automotive flywheels, flexplates, stampings and related hardware.

Plastic components from affiliates at Parplast are QS 9000 and ISO 9002 compliant and make up a line of over 150 part numbers. These products also include bushings for transmission repair, automotive springs, speedometer gears, linkage parts, thrust washers, electrical connector plugs, sensor switches, specialty machine shop products, and a complete line of detent, shift, accelerator and clutch cables for both foreign and domestic applications.

Southeast specializes in product development. From your basic idea to prototype. We are fully capable to bring your concepts to market. Availability of product development for tooling and manufacturing, aluminum injection and CNC capabilities, specialty parts in sintered powdered metals, bushing and thrust washers.

The Southeast logo has become recognized as a quality standard in the automotive transmission industry. It provides a replacement warranty on any item of its product line. Southeast Catalogs, Wall ID Charts and part number system have become industry standards. SE Part Numbers and technical drawings are reproduced and used in many generic catalogs.

Automotive transmission parts are distributed primarily to specialty transmission part distributors in the U.S. and abroad.

And now, Southeast's fully interactive web site, driven by a massive database of valuable industry data, revolutionizes the industry and leads the way to an operational e-commerce environment within the market specific to Southeast. This master database, e-commerce capable, provides each participating distributor with its own user id and password, allowing the same to access specific pricing structure, purchasing information, etc.

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